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Pipeline Experts Since 1981

We provide pipeline maintenance services and equipment rentals in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

Can East Pipeline Equipment Co Ltd in Toronto and Throughout Ontario

For over 36 years Can East Pipeline Equipment Co Ltd has provided commercial and construction companies with the equipment and rentals needed to join and position pipelines. Located in Toronto, our pipeline tools will help you and your team safely and effectively build sound pipes. We carry a full range of high performance tools from brand names such as:

  • Victor Technologies™

  • H & M Pipe Bevelling Machine

  • SPY Pipeline Inspection

  • Sawyer Manufacturing Company

Our Services

Let’s Plan, Execute and Complete

We like making it easy for you and can service all the equipment and parts we rent and sell.

Our Rentals

Pipeline Equipment Rentals

From pipe clamps to bevel machines, we have a range of parts and rental equipment.

Our Brands

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

We carry an extensive inventory of trusted equipment brands to suit your expectations.

Buy or Rent Top Performing Pipeline Equipment

Make sure your crew is equipped with the best in innovative construction tools. At Can East Pipeline Equipment Co Ltd, our knowledgeable staff will consult with you, ensuring you purchase or rent the right equipment for your next pipeline construction project.

Repair Cutting Equipment, Bevelling Equipment and More

At Can East Pipeline Equipment Co Ltd, we’ll supply you with the parts to repair or build your cutting or bevelling equipment.

We also offer maintenance service for all our brands. For more information on our equipment or repair services, call us today.

Professional Affiliations

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